We Want to Buy Your Used Car, Truck, or SUV

Have you ever looked at the used inventory at our dealership?  You may have noticed that we always have a wide selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles.  As a well-respected used car dealer, we take great pride in offering the kind of options that our customers want when they make the trip to see us.  While we do buy some of our used cars off of the auction market, and we take others in trade, another way we get vehicles for our selection is to buy them from our customers.  Richardson Chevrolet of Gladwin, located at 1100 West Cedar Street in Gladwin, MI, wants to buy your car.  You don't even need to purchase or lease a car with us.

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Why Should I Sell My Car to Richardson Chevrolet of Gladwin?

The idea of selling your car to a dealership might seem a little out of the ordinary.  After all, isn't an auto dealership supposed to sell cars to people?  Over the years, we have sold many cars to people in the area.  We enjoy serving our customers and helping them find the right car.  Buying cars is one of the ways we achieve that.  By buying vehicles, we are able to help supply our customers with the selection they deserve.

While selling your car to our dealership might seem like a foreign concept, it might be your best choice.  If you have ever sold your car in a private sale, you know what kind of time it consumes.  Selling your vehicle privately can be a big hassle that you don't need in your life.  The hassle starts with having to advertise your car, truck, or SUV.  You'll need to let everyone know that you have a vehicle to sell.

Secondly, your ad will create responses and questions.  You'll need to take time out of your day to answer them.  Some folks will want to get behind the wheel and test drive before they consider buying.  You will need to schedule those test drives.  After all that, you should expect to haggle over price and have to complete DMV paperwork if you do sell the car.  There are probably many other things you can do with your time.

Our dealership eliminates all of that struggle.  We provide our customers with an easy and fast way to sell their car for cash.

We Buy Cars in a Simple and Quick Fashion 

The easiest way of unloading your vehicle is to come to our Gladwin dealership.  We have broken down the sales process to three easy steps.  When you choose to sell your car to our team, you can walk out of our dealership with a check on the same day that you walked in.  You can also count on getting a market value offer for your car, truck, or SUV.

Step One: Use the Trade Evaluator Supplied by Richardson Chevrolet of Gladwin

If you are looking to trade your car to our dealership, we are happy to help you.  Whether you are looking to trade or sell your car, the first step is the same.  You must complete our trade-in form.  The trade-in form is easy to use and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.  By supplying us with information about your vehicle, you will get a market value estimate in a matter of minutes.

Step Two: Schedule an Inspection with Our Sales Team

After we get the information about your vehicle, someone from our dealership will contact you to set up an appointment for an inspection.  During the appraisal, our used car manager will go over your car, truck, or SUV to verify the accuracy of the information supplied by the trade-in form.  They will also take your vehicle for a test drive.

Step Three: Get an Offer

At the end of the examination, our dealership will make you a final offer for your vehicle.  If you choose to accept our offer, you will get the value of your vehicle in the form of a check.  As you can see, it is a fast and easy way of getting cash for your car.  We'll even handle all of the DMV paperwork for you.

Richardson Chevrolet of Gladwin is Looking Forward to Helping You

Richardson Chevrolet of Gladwin wants to buy your car today.  Use the trade-in form so you can be one step closer to getting money for your unwanted used car, truck, or SUV.